Dire Roads

of Fate and Fortune

The Numberless, Lightning-Paced, Player-Facing

Tabletop Fantasy Roleplaying System

Dire Roads Player's Guide on DriveThruRPG

the DoOMs suite

DoOMs: The Deck of Opportunity and Misfortunes
is a suite of 50 cards used to decide your fate upon the Dire Roads.  

All answers are contained within ...
but will your draw reveal favor or folly? 

DoOMs on DriveThru RPG

The Gathering
'Neath the Ground

An ancient and powerful evil is returning to life near the peaceful village of Wyrmsborough.  Can the PCs discover its cause and bring an end to the plague
before it reduces the entire region to ash? 

Take the fight to goblin raiders in their own lair
and wage battle beneath dragon bones and cursed ground.  

The Gathering 'Neath the Ground on DriveThruRPG

They're Coming
To Get You!

It's been thirteen years since the tragedy at Camp Knowby Lake. 
Though quite a story at the time, the events of that fateful day passed into obscurity and now mostly shrugged off as urban legend 

 ... but that won't stop the killing this year.  

They're Coming to Get You! (TCGY) is the only horror genre game that truly captures the shock and helplessness you expect to experience within a SLASHER movie. 

In only 20 pages, the complete ruleset and sample scenario get your table right in on the action of a fast-moving survival frightfest. With 60-second character generation and simple storytelling framework, it's also easy to re-create or write your own horrorshow for laughs, drama, or gore.

Step into the role of the hapless, the helpless, and the heroic ... and let the dice decide your fate. 

They're Coming to Get You! on DriveThruRPG


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